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“The Bacon Affair”

A look at our Inside-Out Potato Skins (above) is one reason we're your top choice for catering for parties and events! Like all our underground dinners, "The Bacon Affair" showed off our love of decadent dishes, creativity with food presentation, and fun, festive Los Angeles venues for guests! Whether we cater your wedding or assist you in organizing your catered corporate event, your food is delicious, your guests are amazed, and you look like a foodie rock star!


Another favorite was our Deconstructed Cobb Salad (below), blue cheese mousse between layers of bacon, with baby greens, avocado, and heirloom tomato dressing. Like the appetizer above, like this salad below, we turn party catering inside out by make you feel like one of your guests: relaxed, at ease, enjoying yourself because someone else is handling everything -- namely us!

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Voted #1 wedding caterer by L.A. HotList! Contact us about catering for parties, corporate events, and more!


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