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Cheese, Please! underground dinner

The Chocolate Affair underground dinner

Bacon a Go-Go underground dinner

Chef Amy's Valentines Day Underground Dinner last night was fantastic! The food was fabulous, the decor was creative and romantic.  She has such great energy and a wonderful following of fans -- we would definitely attend Amy's Underground Dinners again!" — Ali J 

What is an underground dinner? Chef Amy shows you.



Our underground dinners are literally the talk of Los Angeles TV, magazines and newspapers, radio, websites, and more!


Every so often, we like to let our hair down and host an underground dinner.  It's like a food rave, an impromptu dinner party at a secret location (hence the term "underground") -- and it's never the same place twice!


We get to show off our party catering panache. Our paying guests get to sample several courses of the best food they've ever eaten -- plus mix and mingle with fellow foodies who adore yummy decadence in all its forms.


Chef Amy guest stars on Esquire TV's The Illegal Eater

with Steven Page at our Makin' Bacon underground dinner

You sign up to receive a notice of an upcoming dinner, which tells you the date and time, as well as the theme of the menu, so you can buy a ticket and save the date on your calendar. We've produced French dinners, Pan-Asian dinners, chocolate dinners -- and, of course, several bacon dinners!


A few days before, you learn the location -- and it's always someplace fun like an art gallery, once the back yard of an architectural marvel, once even an empty gas station!

Wedding catering and catering for parties is our business, our art, our one true love. An underground dinner is a party for ourselves, our fans, people who've heard about our amazing food but can't taste it in, say, a restaurant.


We love underground dinners for the community, the creativity to explore new dishes, and food lovers who appreciate unique settings to dine.


Sign up now to receive email notices about upcoming underground dinners.  And check out some of our sensational previous dinners below!

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