Amy's class was so much fun and the food we made, OMG - delicous. She was super patient with us, and I finally learned how to cut an onion right!  I can't wait to have a dinner party with all the recipes. My friends are going to be blown away!   - Joanne Tepper


Learn to Cook in Your Own Home


Being relaxed and confident is the key to success in the kitchen. Gaining that confidence is best achieved in the privacy of your own home and through personalized culinary instruction. My classes are designed to suit the needs of beginners, as well as more advanced cooks looking to expand their culinary repertoire. Private cooking classes are great for those who want to entertain and learn at the same time. I can provide classes one on one, where you pick the menu, or select from ones created for you. You will receive my undivided attention in helping you learn the basics or gaining experience in any area of interest. I can do group classes, as well as individual classes. 


These classes can be demonstration or participation. You and your friends can learn to make a fabulous dinner for friends and family while the little ones are in school! My goal is to try and impart the knowledge and instill the confidence that will enable all the students who participate in any of the classes to achieve identical results in their own kitchens. All guests receive written recipes from the class. My purpose is to educate, motivate, and inspire you to create memorable cuisines for yourself and your family.


Group classes start with a minimum of 6 students. Classes are customized to your level of desired participation. Fees start at $85 per person for group classes and $350 for individual classes, plus the cost of food. 


 Impress Your Friends & Family!