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“Sure we went to the South of France in the heart of the foie gras truffle region..  but we decided to import our favorite underground chef, Amy Jurist, for our French wedding!"

- Anna & Anthony                         With exquisite photography by Kevin Hulett

Let Us Cater Your Destination Wedding

Domestic and International

Recently, a couple of our underground dinner clients who live in LA, Anna and Anthony, decided to have a destination wedding in the Dordogne Region in the South of France, and hired me to fly over and cater the beautiful event.  International wedding photographer, Kevin Hulett, captured the day in these exquisite pictures. Check out his website, it will make you want to get married!  The wedding was coordinated by Anne and Nancy from the company, Fete In France, who help foreigners plan events in France. 


It was truly an experience I will never forget! Congrats to the happy couple!  The wedding was recently featured in the French Wedding Blogs - French Wedding Style and on Destination Wedding France.


Here’s what Anthony had to say about why they hired me....


"Why and how?   We first met Amy through our love of bacon. After the first Bacon Affair Underground Dinner in Hollywood - we were devoted. Through her Paris Dinner, the italy Dinner, the Mushroom Dinner...  we grew familiar with her cuisine and flavors, as well as her skills and flexibility given any particular location... we wanted our dinner to be delicious to our specification.


We had no idea what the French chateau had in terms of facilities, but we weren't worried in the least. it didn't even occur to me that there would be any significant hindrance to concocting what she had in mind.


Talent, ingenuity, flexibilty, tempered with will and discipline! these are reasons why we hired Amy.


We loved our dinner - from the appetizers, to the very last bite memorable bite....”-Anthony Chang

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