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Cheese Please:

A Cooking Demo with Chef Amy Jurist


By Surfas Staff

Chef Amy Jurist, the pioneering spirit behind Chef Amy’s Underground Dinners comes “above ground” to present a FREE cooking demonstration of dishes from her most recent dinner “Cheese Please” on January 9, 2010, from 12 noon-2 pm in the Test Kitchen at Surfas.


Underground dinners are “bootleg” dining events, one-night affairs each with a different menu and location (neither of which is disclosed until the fee is paid). Whether staged in an historical apartment, architectural wonder landscape or art studio each multi-course meal is a food lover’s dream. And as the wine corks pop the conversation flows between strangers brought together by the love of great food and wine.


This cooking demonstration is your opportunity to get a taste of the luscious food and enjoy the personality of this LA Food Scene pioneer.

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