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Create a Custom Catering Menu for Your Wedding, Party, or Corporate Event

As your favorite caterers in Los Angeles, we prepare and present food that's playful, comforting, cosmopolitan, supremely decadent, entirely delicious, and ultimately and totally satisfying! We create your food with the freshest ingredients and our own contemporary twist. Let us help you with your vision for your wedding, party, or corporate event and develop a theme to make an unforgettable experience for friends, family, colleagues, and clients, and more.

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Guests Love Variety with Appetizer Catering


For distinctive and memorable flair for your wedding, party, or corporate event, appetizer catering makes a terrific choice for you and your guests. These bite-sized delights from your best full-service caterers in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and San Fernando Valley are great conversation starters, especially for wedding and party catering where guests may not know each other, or corporate catering where networking is a key activity. With so many options, appetizer catering lets guests and attendees with dietary restrictions feel included in the celebration. Because you can budget for a fixed number of appetizers, rather than guessing what people will eat at a sit-down dinner, appetizer catering makes your planning and budgeting easier.

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Indulge Guests with Dessert Catering

Only here at your favorite Los Angeles caterers will you find desserts right after the appetizers. ;-) Many of the benefits of appetizers apply to dessert catering, too: variety, more space to mingle, easy to count and budget. Whether a spring wedding or summer C-suite retreat, dessert catering excites guests in a way practically no other food does. Desserts are memories of childhood, a refuge from a long day, everyone's favorite indulgence. As with appetizers, dessert catering gives you lots of choices to satisfy sorority sisters at a reunion and execs at an important client pitch. Like appetizer catering, desserts also offer flexibility in accommodating dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring all attendees can enjoy a delicious treat.

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Buffet, Plated, or Family-Style: Which Catering Service for Your Wedding or Corporate Event?


When you're thinking about entrees like steak and fish and chicken, along with vegetarian and vegan options, you should also consider the serving style for your wedding, party, or corporate event. (See our post on serving styles for your catering for a more detailed look.)

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With buffet catering, guests serve themselves from a variety of dishes arranged on tables. Guests choose what they eat and they control portion sizes, too, promoting a relaxed, social atmosphere conducive to mingling.

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Plated catering, or sit-down service, offers guests a fine dining experience. Guests sit at tables and waitstaff bring them plates with predetermined salad, appetizers, entree and sides, and more. Guests are served directly, eliminating buffet lines.

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A mix of the above buffet and plated styles, family-style catering serves large platters of food to each table for guests to share. Presentation of family-style catering can be serious and more formal or relaxed and romantic. Consider guests with allergies and dangerous reactions to ingredients in shared dishes, though.

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Don't Forget Our Yummy Fresh Salads!

Salads are an excellent choice for catering due to their versatility, freshness, and appeal to a wide range of dietary preferences. Salads are refreshing and light and they complement many cuisines.  As top caterer in Los Angeles, we customize your salad with fresh veggies, fruits, meats and proteins, and dressings, and more, including vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options. Salads' vibrant colors and textures make buffet displays and plated meals light and festive. Salads offer a lighter option amidst heavier dishes, providing balance to the menu and accommodating guests looking for healthier choices. Whether as a side dish, appetizer, or main course, salads add depth and variety to catering menus, making them a popular and versatile choice for any event.

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