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“Thank you so much for AMAZING food and for working so hard. You did an outstanding job, the guests RAVED about the food, and your presentation was beautiful! You made it a wonderful evening for all of us.”  – Devin Zimmmerman -  Catering Client 


Check Our Party and Wedding Catering Menus For Every Palate

Buffet, Plated or Family Style? What's best for your event?

Prefixed Menus

Have trouble choosing, check out our prefixed menus:





































Our distinctive cuisine is playful, comforting, cosmopolitan and always supremely decadent and delicious! It is created from the freshest ingredients and presented with a contemporary twist. We are constantly dreaming up new culinary creations in order to delight our clients.


We consider your event from every creative angle and then customize a menu just for you and your budget - whether it's a sumptuous buffet feast, an assortment of divine appetizers,  or a plated five-course meal.


We’ll work side-by-side with you to ensure a successful event, whether it is a small, intimate affair or a large gathering featuring hundreds of VIP clients.


Click here for a list of our most popular appetizers. 


Check out our unique and delicious salad selections.

Entrees & Sides

Here's a selection of some of our most popular Side Dishes and Entrees.


Our spectacular range of decadent desserts and artisan confections always provide a grand finale.

Holiday Catering

Click here for a selection of some of our Holiday Favorites

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