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Amys Underground Dinner Offers 7 Courses of Chocolate, Snickertinis


By Grub Street L.A. Staff

A box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Lame!


Seven courses made of chocolate for dinner? Bulls-eye.


Chef Amy Jurist, who throws regular underground “food raves” through her company “Amy’s Culinary Adventures,” is hosting a pre-V-Day dinner that features milk, white, or dark chocolate in every dish, both sweet and savory, with three passed appetizers, four courses, and a cocktail named “The Snickertini.”


Jurist keeps the location and menu under wraps until the big day, but tells Grub Street she’s been working on a black bean milk chocolate cassoulet, seared salmon with a white chocolate andouille sausage sauce, dark cherry brioche, and grilled shrimp with white chocolate beurre blanc.

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