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Undergound Dining: Shhh... It's a Secret!


By KCRW Staff

You’ve done the celebrity restaurant openings, been a fixture at the farmer’s market. You are known by all your friends as "the Foodie," always pounding the pavement for the latest and greatest in the L.A. food scene so you can play host.


You keep your ear to the ground about what’s hot, what’s new… and the Decadent Underground Dinner, made famous by Chef Amy Jurist, is just what you need to take your culinarian status to the next level.


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Chef Amy's Decadent Underground Dinners take party catering to the next level -- and we push it even more! Catering your wedding, holiday dinner, or corporate event is an important decision. We make it simpler with our full-service catering, handling all the details, friendly and efficient staff, and more. Call us now!


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