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Eating Bacon, Underground


By Natalie Bovis

If you missed the latest underground dining experience from Amy’s Culinary Adventures, you will be sorely bummed out. When Amy first mentioned a 5-course bacon dinner, I knew I’d want to go… but would a city full of health-conscious, figure-obsessed Angelenos feel the same way? The answer was an astounding “Hell Yes!” Not only was the word-of-mouth private affair sold out… it had a waiting list 30 people long!


The secret location was disclosed only a few days before the dinner, and in this case it was a swanky penthouse apartment on the top floor of the La Fontaine building in West Hollywood. The airy, all-white space has amazing views, and a terrace (perfect for entertaining). It also happens to be available for rent. The Futas Design Group filled the space with stylish furnishings for the dinner party.


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