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The Bacon Affair!

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Journey to the Far East!

Our Dinner Party Catering POPS!


We're not sure whether our underground dinner parties are "underground" anymore, now that they've been on TV!

bacon mac and cheese closeup.png

our warm, gooey bacon mac-and-cheese springrolls


CBS-TV Los Angeles invited our full-service wedding catering company to host an on-air segment about our fave-ingredient party themes. Every dish shares a common ingredient, like our bacon dinner parties "The Bacon Bash," "Makin' Bacon," "Bacon a Go Go," and more.


Pan-Seared Salmon with Cajun White Chocolate Honey Sauce with Andouille Sausage Crumbles over Wild Rice Medley with Cocoa Nibs

And our chocolate dishes like those at "The Haute Chocolate Affair" are always a hit with brides and grooms -- and their guests who rave about their spectacular wedding catering long after!

Chef Amy's Decadent Underground Dinners showcase our love of catering for parties! We love our fans and people who've heard delicious things about our wedding catering and want to taste our food! Let us help you plan your party catering! We'll handle all the details -- rentals, entertainment, and more!


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