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By Becky Reams

Imagine for a moment, everything cool, new, hip, up and coming, that makes Los Angeles, well… Los Angeles. Now bundle that all up, smack an invitation on it, and mail it. Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive one of these mysterious, power-packed invitations.


I am obviously speaking gibberish here, however, I know you know what I’m talking about.


LA is one of those cities where you feel like everything is cooler, newer, hipper, and…most of the time… exclusive. LA is the Mecca of so much. Literally, SO. Much. There’s Hollywood, the social scene, the big businesses, you have all the amazing galleries, the small music venues, totally unassuming, packed to the gills, with chart-topping musicians!


And, of course the most important, THE FOOD.


New restaurants are opening all the time. Food festivals every weekend, everything from Korean BBQ cook-offs, to grilled cheese contests and beer tastings. You can’t help but practically run into farmers markets in every neighborhood, and the catchword ‘foodie’ has become synonymous with the epitome of gastronomic coolness. Eating out is the new clubbing. I’m telling you, LA is chock full of people who want nothing more than say the have found the best pho in town, or the best sushi, or know where certain chefs have taken up house.


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