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Let Our Destination Wedding Catering Take You Away
Domestic and International

We love destination weddings! Your wedding is a party and you should host it wherever you want -- but can you trust a local caterer when you're somewhere you've never been before?When planning a destination wedding, book the best caterers in Los Angeles early. There are many advantages that ensure your special day is both seamless and memorable.

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Let your favorite full-service caterers handle every detail

Planning a wedding in a different location, especially a different country, involves navigating language barriers and different business practices. Our catering company simplifies communication and coordination -- we'll handle everything! (We'll help you craft a theme for your destination wedding, too!)

Your favorite Los Angeles wedding catering company is already familiar with your preferences, dietary restrictions, and the specific style you desire. This familiarity guarantees that the food -- and serving the food -- will be consistent with your expectations and previous tastings, alleviating many uncertainties that come with destination weddings.

We have experience with catering a small wedding to venues with hundreds of guests. We know what questions to ask, and what answers to expect, with local vendors, venue staff, and other professionals to ensure everything runs smoothly. One of the reasons we're the best caterers in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley is that we can troubleshoot any issues that arise.

See our destination wedding catering in France!

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We met Amy through our love of bacon. After the first Bacon Affair Underground Dinner in Hollywood, we were devoted. Through her Paris Dinner, the Italian Dinner, the Mushroom Dinner...  we grew familiar with her cuisine and flavors, as well as her skills and flexibility given any particular location.


We wanted our dinner to be delicious to our specification.


We had no idea what the French chateau had in terms of facilities, but we weren't worried in the least. it didn't even occur to me that there would be any significant hindrance to concocting what she had in mind.


Talent, ingenuity, flexibilty, tempered with will and discipline! These are reasons why we hired Amy.


We loved our dinner from the appetizers to the very last memorable bite!

-- Anthony Chang

We went to the South of France in the heart of the foie gras truffle region...  but we decided to import our favorite underground chef, Amy Jurist, for our French wedding!

-- Anna and Anthony   

Dordogne Region in the South of France | photography by Kevin Hulett | wedding coordinated by Anne and Nancy from Fete In France | featured in the French wedding blogs French Wedding Style and Destination Wedding France

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You know you and your guests will enjoy a wedding catering menu according to your personal tastes and style

Some foods taste different everywhere. Chicago pizza is different from New York pizza and both are different from pizza actually cooked and served in Italy. Steak is grilled differently, seasoned differently, and the meat is selected differently, different cuts, different quality. Foods in Asian catering can be very specific, and other caterers may not know the difference in preparation for pan-Asian catering dishes -- Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, even regional differences like Singaporean.


Your best Los Angeles destination catering company can incorporate local flavors and ingredients while maintaining the essence of your preferred cuisine. This blend of familiar and exotic can create a unique dining experience for your guests, making your wedding truly unforgettable.

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Maybe you love a variety of dessert catering -- light and airy, rich and luscious, crunchy delicious or smooth and sweet. Maybe you want as much mixing-and-mingling as possible. You're in a different city, different country, after all, and you might not see many of your guests for a long time after. Instead of a sit-down dinner party, you want all your favorite foods and dishes as appetizer catering, so guests stay on their feet and don't get full fast.

Contemporary Art Black and White Styled Shoot at York Manor-3697_websize.jpg

You know your favorite full-service wedding caterers will give you peace of mind on your big day -- and every day leading to it

The main reason, or maybe a summation of all the reasons to have your L.A. caterers at your destination wedding, is satisfaction in your fantastic choice. You and your guests will indulge in foods you love, with all the details taken care of, with less stress and more time to enjoy yourself at your own wedding party!

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