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Chef Pages TV: Episode 1

The Culinary Advent-Jurist


By Meg Hall

Chef Amy Jurist has had a passion for cooking since she was a child, when she created her first dishes for her parents at five years old. Gaining pleasure from delivering food prepared to each person’s liking, Chef Amy’s culinary passion is moved by decadent foods, great sauces, and “yummy” amazing flavors.


A former TV marketing executive, Amy left the advertising world behind about 8 years ago… and decided to finally pursue a career in the culinary arts. Chef Amy is the owner of Amy’s Culinary Adventures, a full service catering business. She has traveled to France and Switzerland to attend cooking classes through the CIA-Hyde Park. After taking over 40 classes around LA, she decided to formalize her training and attended the Professional Program at the Academy of Culinary Education She was asked to continue on after graduation as a teacher’s assistant and has been doing that ever since, as well as teaching cooking at a few other cooking schools around the LA area. She has also worked in product development, helping to create new food products for companies like Trader Joes.


In addition to her catering business, Chef Amy has been hosting Underground Dinners for the last five years. Amy is a huge fan of Underground Dining and often refers to the undisclosed gatherings as “food raves.” The “bootleg restaurants” are one night only affairs, often housed in apartments, homes and other private spaces, where one gets to dine with other fellow foodies at locations that are unknown until the entrance fee has been paid.


Chef Amy says she really enjoys the community feel, the creative freedom, the unique settings, and the opportunity to showcase her food to people who appreciate it. The added mystique of having to know someone to get invited, makes the events a huge draw for those in the know. Previous menu themes have included One Night in Italy, Pan Asian Dinner, Cheese, Please, the Bacon Affair, the Mushroom Experience and Mingle in the Mediterranean.

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