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Chef Amy catered a holiday party for 40 people at our house in Encino. Every dish was delicious and tastefully decorated and served. We appreciated Chef Amy's attention to detail, from food preparation to holiday decorations. Her catering staff provided excellent and attentive service. They left the kitchen spotless. We highly recommend Chef Amy's catering for making a special event more special.

— Tatyana & John Landau, via Yelp

Pumpkin Pie Shooters with

Spiced Whipped Cream

Housemade Valentines S'more


4th of July Strawberries

Relax And Enjoy Your Holidays With Delicious, Stress-Free Catering

Christmas • Thanksgiving • Hanukkah • Passover • Easter • Rosh Hashanah • 4th of July • Labor Day • Memorial Day • Mothers Day • Fathers Day

As the best holiday party catering company in Los Angeles, we cater holiday parties all year, from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve. We'll design your perfect holiday catering menu -- not just Christmas party catering and Thanksgiving dinner catering, but a July 4th pool party, an intimate Valentine's Day dinner party for two (or 2-4 couples), Passover Seder catering for the whole family, rockin' Halloween party catering, office parties, and more!


Parties Are For Partying

Don't spend your Christmas party, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or New Year's Eve party in the kitchen. Enjoy yourself and appreciate the company of your party guests -- friends, family, office colleagues, and more. Our Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air full-service party catering company sets your holiday apart with delicious food, decorations for the perfect vibe, flowers, entertainment (musicians, DJs, comedians, string quartets) and more. Our catering company does holiday parties of all sizes, in all kinds of venues, from private homes to ballrooms. When you search "appetizer catering near me," or "buffet party catering," and click our website, you'll see the yummiest options and breathtaking decor for your holiday party.


Family Time Is Precious

Family parties aren't just for big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah. Our party and wedding catering company makes family reunions, holiday weddings and engagement parties, Mothers Day dinners, and Easter dinner parties even more special. On those occasions when you can manage to get the whole family together for a celebration party, many traveling long distances to stay only a short time, you don't want to worry about feeding everybody.


Relax, enjoy the company of your loved ones, and let us handle your family catering. We'll plan a menu that will wow everyone at your table, from elaborate Christmas dinner party catering to energetic St. Patrick's Day celebrations, to smaller gatherings like Mothers Day dinner parties and more. (Catering Valentine's Day for Mom and Dad makes a great gift!) Choose a catering style like a buffet, plated foods, family-style meals, and more. (Appetizers are great for your party, too! See below.) Leave our party catering company the details that take up so much of your valuable time -- meal planning, shopping, prepping ingredients, actual cooking and baking and roasting, and cleanup, to name only a few.


Appetizers Make Your Holiday Party Festive and Fun


Appetizer catering for your holiday party has a lot of benefits. Appetizers fit every event, from Christmas party catering to corporate office catering. You reduce costs by not having plated service or a buffet. You get more variety with different tastes and textures for experienced palates. You get more portion control over determining how much food is allotted for each party guest. And you impress party guests with our friendly and knowledgeable staff refreshing platters to make sure your hot dishes stay hot and your cold dishes stay cold. (Check out our catering company's custom-made appetizer platters for social distancing, too, if that's a concern.)

bbq pulled chicken sliders with coleslaw-min.jpg

Office Holiday Parties Boost Staff Morale and Strengthen Business Relationships


Office party catering or corporate party catering should reflect a sense of appreciation for your staff's and colleagues' hard work, your clients' and customers' loyalty, strong relationships with vendors and suppliers, the trust and commitment of managers and stakeholders, and more. At the office Christmas party, we see the faces of spouses, children, and friends we've heard so much about.


Catering for your office holiday party also reflects your company or organization's culture and, in many cases, brand identity for visiting party guests. Our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills party catering company helps you develop a great theme for your office party catering with terrific decor, from the sophisticated to the whimsical. We customize your holiday party catering and design your event to deliver the feeling you want to share with party guests. (Like appetizer catering above, dessert catering for your office party is a fantastic way to keep everything light and delicious!)


Call Us Early for Your Holiday Party


We are your go-to Los Angeles catering company for a wonderful, flawless holiday party for you and your party guests. If you can dream it, we can do it -- fun themes, great venues, decorations, wines and spirits, and more. Call us and let's start planning your holiday party now!

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