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We couldn't be happier with the service, quality and variety of food Amy provides us weekly! Her personal chef services have saved us hours of shopping, prep & clean up.  As a working mom, it's hard to find time to try new recipes/food - for us & our kids - this has been a great way to introduce new foods to our family and it's amazing how much the kids love it!"


Dawn Schroeder working mom of 2 & VP Sony Intl, Personal Chef Client for 2 Years

"My husband Clovis was 82, was quite overweight, had just had open-heart surgery and was put on a very strict diet.  There was no way that I, who hate to cook, could figure out how and what to feed him, not to mention make it tasty.  So I hired Chef Amy Jurist for her personal chef services. She has helped my husband regain his health with her delicious but healthful meals.  My husband has lost 40 pounds in the first 4 months!"

Belinda Peres - Personal Chef Client



Eliminate the stress of planning and preparing meals (and save time, too) with a personal chef


Sometimes cooking at home isn't an option. You're too busy. You forgot to go shopping. No one can agree on what's for dinner. You picked up something from the deli section, maybe ordered takeout -- and it just wasn't satisfying. You need a personal chef!

What is a personal chef?

A personal chef prepares your meals for you. When you choose us for your personal chef, you get several meals per week, depending on how many you want and for how many people. We prepare your food in our kitchens, then our personal chef services include delivering your meals for the week to your home. Each meal is securely packaged to store in your fridge till the day you enjoy it.

Why should I use personal chef services?

Many people choose a personal chef to SAVE TIME. You're exhausted. Planning up to three meals a day. Reading recipes. Choosing ingredients. Shopping in different local and farmers' markets for the freshest meats, fish, vegetables. Preparing those ingredients for cooking -- slicing, chopping, mincing. Making sure each dish is ready at the same time, so the entrees aren't cold when the sides are hot. And your favorite -- cleaning up!

You also want your food to TASTE GREAT -- especially if you have a super-healthy fitness regimen or dietary restrictions. You may be on, or you may be considering, a strict diet -- but you don't know how to make it delicious! And if it's not delicious, you probably won't stick to your diet. Personal chef services help you make the most of your time, eat the yummiest meals, and stay on track with your health.

Maybe you're fitness-focused and you don't have enough hours in the day for a high-pressure career, extreme exercise, AND meal planning and cooking. If you do prepare your own meals, maybe it's a plain, unbuttered chicken breast and raw spinach from a bag at the supermarket. And who wants to eat that every day?

Or maybe you're on a low-salt, low-fat, and/or low-sugar diet to lose weight, or you have other health reasons, like requiring gluten-free foods.

Does a personal chef choose my meals for me?

We develop selections for you based on your tastes and any dietary requirements you have. You choose your options, we make them and they're delicious, and we deliver them to you to pop in the fridge and pop out when you're ready to eat!

What menu options do you have for your personal chef services?

We create a menu just for you, to your individual tastes and dietary needs. To get some ideas, check out our luscious entrees and sides, fresh bright salads, scrumptious desserts. We can make our catered appetizers into meals, too!

Is a personal chef expensive?


Our personal chef services are comparable to a fine restaurant that uses the highest-quality ingredients, fresh from a local source on that day, never frozen, no preservatives or other chemicals, dozens of exotic herbs and spices and flavors not found in everyday grocery stores, unique and unlike anything you've ever tasted.

What is the Los Angeles delivery area for your personal chef services?

We deliver to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Century City, Hollywood, Studio City, and the greater Los Angeles area. Call us now!

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