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UPDATE 2022: Check out our appetizer platters for catering with social distancing in the pandemic

UPDATE: The pandemic, along with its requirements for social distancing and masking, forced many people to postpone their wedding catering, reschedule birthday parties and corporate events, and more. These platters allowed us to serve small groups without endangering guests or staff. Now we're back and better than ever!

Now that pandemic restrictions in California and the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas have relaxed, we have returned to more traditional wedding and party catering services.

How do you cater a (small) wedding or party, with the health and safety of guests and catering staff most important? Our Los Angeles catering company does what we always do in troubling situations -- we adapt. We improvise and put our creativity to work. We reassure you, put you at ease, and make your event beautiful and spectacular.

We catered a micro bday party this past weekend and showed off these new Covid friendly appetizer platter boxes! I designed and had these boxes/platters made so that we can still offer our signature passed appetizers and appetizer catering, to protect you and your guests and preserve the beautiful presentation Amy's Culinary Adventures is known for.

Each box has a removable tray so we can refill and swap them out with a different appetizer! The boxes are closed on all sides except the front facing the server. Guests can see the food, but they can't touch the food till the server reaches in with tongs and presents the appetizer on a napkin. The boxes protect guests, they keep catering staff safe -- and they look so cool!

(They work with dinner party catering, too, as servers can present fresh plates directly to guests without passing the food by other tables.)

Thank you to Kim Hall from Burbank Printing for perfectly executing my vision! They exceeded my expectations!!

Each guest also got their own beautiful Cheese & Charcuterie Box that we served to seated guests during a 1 hour wine tasting the client had in the middle of the party. Kathleen Cameron did a spectacular job putting these together!!

There was 9 different cheeses, including our flowered herbed goat cheese ball, and 3 kinds of salami, grapes, nuts, candied pineapple, golden raisins, dried cranberries and a strawberry in them!! We served them along with a plate of crackers that were placed in front of each guest after they were seated, to avoid contamination.

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