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How to Throw a Fabulous Dinner Party

Life is good. You're feeling great. And you want to share it with everyone you know.

Time for a dinner party!

A terrific party celebrates friends and family and shows them how much they mean to you. And as the best wedding and party caterers in Los Angeles, we know that few things bring people together like food, drink, and great company. So let's start planning your dinner party right now!

Choose a fun theme for your dinner party.

A fun theme turns your dinner party into an event! You can base your party theme on your guest list, like something all of you have in common, or you can create a fantastic theme and invite friends and family to experience a new and different kind of dinner party.

We love helping you choose a theme for your party! If you and your dinner guests enjoyed a vacation in Greece one summer, for example, choose a Mediterranean catering menu with dishes like Greek moussaka with eggplant frisee, Moroccan braised leg of lamb, and curried couscous.

Maybe you love French cooking and want to introduce guests to haute cuisine party catering, like our braised short ribs with cabernet and port, garlic mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

Or keep it light with a make-believe night in a salon in Paris, with appetizer catering like French triple-cream brie with truffle honey, foie grass mousse with cognac, and crepes with ham, gruyere cheese, carmelized mushrooms, and bechamel sauce.

(For more inspiration for a memorable theme, check out our underground dinner parties!)

Do you have a favorite food -- an ingredient you'd put in everything you eat if you could?

Try a bacon dinner party, with dishes like bacon mac n' bleu cheese in crispy prosciutto cups with minced green apple, Maple-Glazed Pork Belly & Mole S'Mores with Toasted Cayenne Marshmallow, and Pan-Seared Salmon with Bacon Molasses Vinaigrette Over Haricot Vert with Bacon and Caramelized Onions.

Chocolate lover? Ask about our yummy chocolate dinner parties, with dishes like Cocoa-and-Brown-Sugar-Rubbed Pork Belly with Cocoa Maple Glaze, Black Bean and Milk Chocolate Cassoulet with Smoked Ham Hocks, and Pan-Seared Salmon with Cajun White Chocolate Honey Sauce with Andouille Sausage Crumbles over Wild Rice Medley with Cocoa Nibs.

Check out our catering menu. If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us and we'll make it just for your dinner party!

Estimate your ideal number of party guests.

What's the right number of guests for your dinner party? First think about the location. Is it a venue off-site from your home? A casual patio party for 8-12? A more formal, sit-down dinner in your home's dining room for 6-8? Corporate party catering for a retreat? How many people can fit in your space? Ask about our appetizer catering platters designed especially for social distancing.

Do you need room for more than just your dinner guests? Does your party theme require any sizable decorations to set the mood? If it's corporate party catering, will you use attention-getting displays? Will you need to clear walls for branding materials like signs or banners? Even if you're hosting your dinner party at home, you'll probably want rentals like chairs, tables, plates, utensils, and more to set your party apart from an everyday "meatloaf night." What style goes best with your party space?

Are you already exhausted from all the decisions? Let us help.

As the best full-service caterers in Los Angeles, we can handle all the details for you. We'll put together fabulous options based on your individual personality and the desired "feel" of your dinner party. We can design lighting and decor. We can book entertainment from a solo guitarist to a stringed quartet -- even a DJ! From small party catering to elaborate wedding catering services, we have the experience to deliver a celebration your guests won't stop talking about after.

Invite guests to your dinner party.

The right guests at your party are just as important as the right food. You want to invite people who love conversation but won't turn your dinner party into a shouting match. Many hosts invite friends and family who don't know each other and use their party to introduce them and expand their social circles. How will you seat your dinner party for the enjoyment of all?

Plan your party invites as soon as possible. The more notice you give your dinner guests, the more opportunity they have to schedule -- and look forward to -- your amazing party! Ask them to RSVP, so that if they can't make it, you can invite other guests to your dinner party. As the date gets closer, it's a good idea to confirm party guests, too, to cut down on last-minute cancellations.

Get your dinner guests talking. After all -- it's a party!

The night has come and everyone's here. Introduce your guest with interesting facts that spark conversation -- an unusual job or business, a recent vacation, shared interests from skiing stamp collecting.

No cell phones! Make everyone set their mobile devices to "airplane mode" or "silent," at least. Reduce interruptions, including and especially your own. Leave the room to take a call, text, or jot off an email.

You're the first guest at your dinner party. Make us your first invite.

Above all, remember that your dinner party reflects you -- what you want to share with party guests, what experiences you want to treat them to, and more. We want your dinner party to be a roaring success -- so call us now and let's save a date!


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