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Amy's Culinary Adventures delivers customized full-service wedding catering and party catering with deliciously decadent food, superb presentation and excellent waitstaff.

Make Amy's Culinary Adventures the first invite to your next party!

Voted Best Caterer in Los Angeles for the last 5 years on LA's Hotlist, Amy's Culinary Adventures is the trusted expert in Los Angeles wedding and party catering, along with corporate events, business lunches, bar and bat mitzvahs, social functions, and holiday catering for the whole family.

We are a full-service wedding catering company, and we work with you on every detail of your wedding, party, or event, with creative menu design, impeccable waitstaff and bartenders, beautiful floral arrangements, rentals and decorations. Contact us NOW to create a delicious catering menu for an elegant event your guests won't stop raving about.

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The Daily Amy:
See How We Do Corporate Catering, from Office Parties to Professional Events


Los Angeles catering company loves feeding the business world! From the office Christmas party or holiday party, to industry events and seminars and more, we can develop the perfect corporate catering menu for your occasion. Rise-and-shine breakfast buffets. Hot luncheons and gourmet sandwiches in creative, branded packaging. Elegant evening cocktail receptions. We can keep your event light, for mixing and mingling, with our appetizer catering and dessert catering. We cater sit-down dinners and lunches, too. See more about planning your office holiday party, along with all the delicious options of full-service catering for corporate events. Read More »

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Save time and enjoy great food
at home with our weekly
personal chef services
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Too busy to plan meals, shop, cook, and clean up? A personal chef makes your life easier. And a personal chef makes your meals delicious every time. We'll help you develop a menu, then deliver your week's food for you to heat up whenever you want. See more about our personal chef services.

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Ranked #1 out of 879 in Los Angeles personal chef services by Expertise!

The Daily Amy:
Treat Yourself -- and Your Guests -- to Our Great Dessert Catering


Everybody loves desserts! Dessert catering makes your Christmas party festive and fun. Catering a wedding with desserts makes the champagne sweeter on a tight budget. Your corporate event is lighter and your meetings more inviting with dessert catering. We're the best full-service catering company in Los Angeles and our desserts are out of this world! Party guests enjoy the variety and our presentation is exquisite with your tastes and style. See how our dessert catering turns your wedding, party, or event into a celebration. Read More »

The Daily Amy:
Get More Variety, More Space, and More Fun with "All Appetizers" for Your Party or Wedding Catering


Appetizers go great with everything! Naturally they're a terrific complement for your plated or family-style dinner party -- but appetizers aren't just for whetting your appetite. All-appetizer catering for your wedding, for example, keeps guests on their feet mingling and nibbling, rather than nodding off after a huge meal. The variety gives even the choosiest party guests something fun and different to choose. Take it from the best full-service wedding catering company in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills -- all-appetizer catering offers a lot for your wedding or party. Read More »

The Daily Amy:
How to Host a Fabulous Dinner Party They Won't Stop Talking About

Dinner parties are for showing friends and family how much they mean to you through great catering, conversation, even entertainment. You can throw birthday dinner parties, small dinner parties, formal dinner parties -- but how to get started? Take it from the top wedding and party catering company in Beverly Hills and Bel Air: every party is a reflection of you and what experience you'd like to share with your guests. Read More »

The Daily Amy:

How to Make Your Small Wedding Spectacular

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 8.28.11 PM_edi

More and more couples are cancelling big weddings or postponing them because of the pandemic. And some couples can't resist the wedding they've been dreaming about for months. As the best full-service catering company in Los Angeles, we've seen a lot of them -- and we've got you covered. We can help you create a fun theme, enjoy passed appetizers safely, go wild with colors and decor, and more. Let us show you how! Read More »

The Daily Amy:
Call Us Early for Your Holiday Party Catering -- Christmas Parties, Office Parties, and More


Everyone loves holiday parties! And not just Christmas and New Year's Eve -- Thanksgiving dinners, Labor Day pool parties, spooky Halloween parties, and more. As the best holiday party catering company in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air, we make special occasions even more special with yummy, decadent party catering! Don't stay in the kitchen when family visits -- full-service wedding and party catering means we handle every detail, from delicious food to festive decor to entertainment and more. Learn more about appetizers for party catering, too, for the variety, mixing and mingling as opposed to a sit-down dinner party, and cost savings, too! Your office Christmas party catering shows your appreciation for staff -- but your holiday party is still business and should reflect your brand identity for important clients, customers, and vendors. Learn more about our party and wedding catering company makes your holiday party festive and fantastic! Read More »

The Daily Amy:

Buffet, Plated, or Family-Style: Which Service Is Right for Catering Your Wedding, Party, or Corporate Event?

lambchop 3 malibu shoot.png

In addition to appetizer stations for your wedding or party, there are three types of service or "serving" your catering -- buffet, plated, and family-style. With a buffet, party guests enjoy more freedom to select the dishes they like, whenever they like, and your costs for serving staff are lower. A plated dinner party, on the other hand, makes a terrific impression -- edible works of art! -- and you have more control over your party guests and dining room. And family-style, where guests sit at a table and pass platters among themselves, can be more intimate wedding catering for close families of both bride and groom. We offer all four serving styles as the top full-service caterer in Beverly Hills -- and we'd love to show you which is right for your wedding or party! Read More »

The Daily Amy:
See Our Appetizer Platters for Party Catering with Social Distancing

Much of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is reopening as pandemic restrictions are lowered -- but we understand the anxiety of unknown factors like very young children, the immuno-compromised, and more. With our signature passed appetizers and the best appetizer catering in Los Angeles, your guests can delight in our beautiful award-winning presentation and enjoy food that can't be touched by other guests and isn't carried through open air. Read More »

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