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Chocolate Decadence at Its Best


By Bonnie Priever

Roses are red, violets (and roses!) are blue, sugar is sweet... and so was "The Haute Chocolate Affair"- Underground Dining Extravaganza, a pre-Valentines bash, presented by Amy's Culinary Adventures. Amy Jurist takes chocolate to a whole new level, bringing an eclectic group of the LA community (and its environs) , with many attendees referred by the foodie website, As guests awaited each delectable course with bated breath, they were intrigued by the dustings and drizzles of rich fudgy chocolate, as well as appetite whetting cocktails, called "Snickertini's," - vodka, Godiva liquor, Bailey's Caramel, Amaretto and Ghiradelli chocolate sauce. Hors d'oerves and appetizers were passed, such as a delectable shrimp tempura with a white chocolate mango/white balsamic sauce; grilled chicken with a dark chocolate cherry port sauce; and the ever trendy pork belly, glazed with cocoa, maple, and brown sugar.


It was a Valentines affair to remember and savor, with floral centerpieces of blue roses and romantic candles; and cupcake shaped linen napkins, the clever inspiration of Jonathan Fong, from Bottles of red wine were aplenty, preceding each course, such as the 2008 Evodia Altovinum Old Vine Garnacha-Spain; 2008 Tilia Torrontes-Argentina; and the Il Conte D'Alba Stella Rosa- Piemonte, Italy. The gracious hostess and chef extraordinaire, Amy, welcomed her crowd at the 'surprise' location (announced only three days before the event), the spacious Women's Club of Hollywood, and introduced each dish, as a true labor of love and creativity, each with special ingredients and distinct flavor, apropos of the evening's theme. She has perfected the art of entertaining and brought her passion of rich food and good company for all to enjoy.


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